the BF

Address: Kim Choo’s Kitchen

111 East Coast Road, Singapore 428801

When my 2nd sister first got a boyfriend, i was relieved. all those worries and suspicions about her being gay went flying out of the window. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still love my sister even if she’s gay. but who wouldn’t want her to fall in love with a guy, get married and have kids.

my parents though, was a little shaken when she told them, that she is dating a Canadian, who can’t speak mandarin and who’s an atheist. if you’ve met my parents, you would know that their faith is the most important thing to them. (it is the most important thing to me to. its my existence) and my papa could only speak in mandarin and dialect.

mum and i finally met her boyfriend yesterday. just like the photograph, he is good looking, scarily tall (which complements my 2nd sis since she is insanely tall for a girl) and he has a great sense of humour. my mum really enjoyed the conversations with him. even KM finds him good looking and nice.
im not really sure if this is what God wants for her.. but seeing her happy, makes me happy 🙂 and i guess that’s what matters.


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