Some say therapy is a good spa session, some say it’s a good book, coffee in a cafe. For me, therapy is cutting, chopping, peeling and throwing it all into heat. Thats right, my therapy is cooking.

I used to dread cooking. I find it ridiculous to spend so much time preparing something to eat when you can just walk to the nearest hawker centre and pick up your char kuey teow. Heck. You can literally call McDs and get what you want to eat when you want to eat.

But I’m beginning to experience the joys of peeling carrots, chopping onions and sticking your fingers into the raw red meat, only to have them smelling like thyme, rosemary and blood.

So on saturday, I took up the challenge of making pumpkin soup and a nice steak for KM. that poor thing, had volunteered to be my guinea pig.

Thank God, it turned out pretty decent (by decent, I actually meant edible and perhaps even yummy).



I felt pretty good about myself I must say. And I was reminded of what Dr Robi said ‘we are created in His own image. Hence, we’re born to create. To make something of our own’

I couldn’t agree more and I guess I’ll be cooking a fair bit in future. what do you like to create? An art piece/ a song/ a poem or maybe a dish like me.

I do hope that you can find your creative avenue.

If you’re interested to make the pumpkin soup. You can check out this out. pumpkin soup

Steak: seasoned with Italian herbs (McCormick), olive oil
Side veg: steamed and lightly salted


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