Hot Yoga


I did my first class yesterday night. KM was concerned that i would have a break out. But i thought.. 1 break out couldnt be that bad. LOL.

here goes.. hot yoga also known as bikram yoga. in a room at approximately 37-38 degrees, you will be tasked to pose in weird positions, stretching your abdominal muscles and glute muscles (which happen to be my yoga instructor’s favourite muscles to work on).

in a roomful of sweaty people, mixed with the heat and weird positions, you are bound to sweat buckets. i’ve always had the impression that yoga is a class on meditation, emptying the mind. but this class changed my mindset totally.
i did not empty my mind, my friends. but i focused on a specific point to maintain my balance and stretched as hard as i can.

i dont think my flexibility increased tremendously overnight but this workout, did help in making sure i didnt have much muscle aches from last night’s body attack. this morning i woke up with a slight glow on my face. (something was detoxed)
heh. perhaps its the illusion or maybe im just optimistic about it. but no breakouts for me. and im definitely going back to that class. Flexibility is something i could do with.


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