Hi + – Day 1

image: everydaypeoplecartoons.com

its been a couple of months since i’ve lost that 1-2 kgs and im pretty sure i’ve put it back on. Esp since one of my members mentioned that ‘i’ve gone fatter and i shouldnt wear such a tight top’. *ouch*

but im determined. this time, im going to try to lose the additional 4 kgs. on top of that, since my dearest KM, has been ‘talking’ to me about how much potential i have if i put in more effort in my make up. Hi+ is not only going to be about working out and eating right but also dressing and basically the overall package.

tonight i did the body attack class and i went on the stair climbing machine. Body attack isn’t the usual zumba, MTV dance or aerobics. Body attack is a mixture of high intensity exercises that requires you to keep the heart rate up.

NOT for the faint hearted and please don’t try it if you’re already exhausted.



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