BaB – Big and Beautiful

i had to blog about this. was meeting sheryl at bedok point on thursday when i came across this shop.

they were selling clothes for plus size ladies. i must say.. their designs are pretty nice and flattering. the layout and colours were gorgeous.

(check it out here BnB)

above all, i was just stook at the idea. what a big beautiful way to embrace beauty. growing up as a plump kid, i was constantly conscious of my weight, looks and just overall appearance.

i’ve restricted myself to baggy clothes and i can never fully accept myself. i’ve shed the weight drastically, put back some and now managing it. but inside, i was still the fat fact, i have my thighs to constantly remind me of the fat kid i once was.

i dont advocate unhealthy living (this includes eating excessively or just general binging), im pro exercise (ask my bf, he knows that). But i do see the need to embrace oneself.

so before you laugh at the fat kid in your class or tease the pimply girl. remember everyone is beautiful.


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