Cambodia in snippets

we visited the museums the next day. the difference? we walked into a horrifying time. 

the late l970s was a time where its seldom mentioned in our history books, seldom spoken about amongst the locals. 

we went to the s21 museum. where the Khmer Rouge used it to detain its prisoners for questioning and torture. 

if you notice, this torture quarters resembles a school. well, it is until the Khmer Rouge took over, remove education and use the location to torture the locals. 

After s21, we made a trip to the Killing fields. an area where people were slaughtered and buried. its was emotional one i must say. it was cleaned up but i was pretty sure prior to that, it would have smelled like death. pieces of cloth and white bone fragments were still buried underneath the sand. 

its a lot to think about. especially for someone who came from a safe, impartial and honest country. 

if you’d think that your government is unfair to you. think again. 


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