Human interaction

wootts! finally, the crazy, pure waste of time, presentation is OVER!

as of last night i am a freeR woman. probably cause its out of our hands and I have a new macBook Pro to play with now at work! heh. at least until the new guys come in. Results day is the 29th and I CAN’T WAIT!

well well… I’m just glad things are over.. for now. i don’t think i’ve fully recovered from the previous post but I’m glad that i have other stuff to look forward to.

Lucky for me, I met up with Yan. We didn’t have much to talk about until we were on the topic about work, passion, money etc. And YES… i’ve been procrastinating for the longest time to make up my mind about such things.

I’m going for my interview tomorrow at something I know that I am into. Fingers crossed. I just hope I don’t get slammed at. Heh. 🙂

Good news is… after i spoke with Yan. She was sharing about how her boyfriend seemed to have problems traveling with her. So she needs company!!!!!!!! woohooo! n yes, she thought i wouldn’t be willing to travel without KM. hmm.. i tot so too. until i realized how badly i needed a quick getaway.

I haven’t gone anywhere since I resigned from my last job to…… now… i mean I need that break. I want to play! or maybe just chill out at the beach. stare into the blue sea… with a cocktail and get a good tan. oh and a book. It’ll probably do KM and I some good too since he’s been packed with work and I haven’t been the nicest girlfriend. I could lose the tension a little.

so yea.. quick getaway coming soon!!!! weeeee……………

p.s yan says I’ve lost weight! (what’s not to like about girlfriends!)


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