Human interaction

To see her again just makes me smile. I felt like I;ve found something I’ve lost.

It felt so far. It felt a little too long since we had a connection of any sorts. In my heart I knew, I’ve lost her heart. maybe the connection. But I didnt mind that at all.. as long as I knew she’s around.

Its a little discreet this post. But I want to keep it that way.

the biggest enemy is yourself. It is true to a certain extend. considering that most of the time, we are either ‘runners’ or ‘facers’. New term we came up with last night. I am a runner.

I run away from anything I am frightened of. Anything that I am unaware of. The great unknown. I used work, people’s stuff to run away from what I need to feel or behave.

‘Facers’ go against what they are afraid of and shout at it. But times, when failures hit them hard, they crumble into a state of depression.

The conversation was pretty good I must say. Though I felt tinges of regret that I wasn’t there for her. Personally, my heart felt that way.


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