Human interaction

Serene. one of my closer buddies back in my poly days. she was.. hmm.. actually, i think she still is a goodie two shoes. This hilariously bossy chick always got me cracking up with her funny over the top moves.

It was pretty cool meeting up with her since I haven’t seen since what.. 6 months.. and i think i kinda joined her in the ‘grown up’ group now since im looking into a new stage of my life (that said, i’ll talk about it another time).

listening to her stories, i can’t imagine what mine would be like. Yes. a lot of it was about her married life. E.g. how they would fight over the smallest things.. ‘honey.. stop throwing the wet towels in our laundry bin’.

its true what they say, that when 2 people are together, they brought in 2 sets of family habits, culture and mindsets. And no matter how much you’d like to prepare, there is never enough preparation for murphy’s law.

so what is it like to be married?


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