Human interaction

Met up with one of my closest friends yesterday afternoon. The wall built took us 1/2 hour before she begin to realise I was the same friend she knew.

It’s only human nature to consider another’s intentions before opening up to them. I am grateful though that it eventually happen for both of us and we were able to talk about everything once more.

Being skeptical, having suspicions about another’s intentions is something too common to ignore. On the other hand, completely trusting another stranger is just pure naive.

Strike the balance? Or have the right discernment? How can we judge it?

Back to the conversation, she shared that there were only 2 options that we have.

For God? Or Against God?

Ceteris peribus, we would only need to make our difficult decisions today based on these 2 considerations.

Many times, I’m stuck in a situation where I start whining about my job. My complaints have became so common, it’s become a norm. :/ I know, a terrible thing to happen.

When she was prompted in her heart about her work, I felt the same with mine.

If He has brought me to where I requested, if I had already requested for
Him to change me, isn’t He doing what I requested for?


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