Human Interaction

i had to back track for this one.

it was a community event. one of the largest i had to organise. after an insane week of preparations and weeks prior to that, i was on the home run of the event when i met her.

Staying close to the stage, we were giving out lucky draw prizes. she was shouting at the top of her voice ‘this is not fair. you organisers are not being fair to us just because we are late for a while!’

i had to ask her to the side but she wouldn’t budge shouting ‘that man!’ (pointing to my colleague) hasn’t put in our lucky draw coupons!’

She started yelling and I assured her that we would include her in for the major draws.

‘I just want a chance’. She was so upset with her life you could tell, she hadn’t felt that life was fair. She said she is a catholic who believes in God. But it seemed like everything or everyone seemed to fell short of it.

Her anger was reduced. temper silent. n she was looked tired. i waited for her.. and listen to her about her son, his education and how he emerged from a normal academic student to one who just graduated from University.

its what society does to you… and witnessing it first hand.


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